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Eating healthy and having a balanced diet is a challenging goal for everyone. With our Performance meal plans you will receive a balanced set of meals, ones that is rich in whole grains, fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, and healthy fats. Our meal plans will simplify your path to a healthier eating.

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Average Macros per Meal

Protein Plus

Deliciously satisfying meals with minimum 40 grams of protein to support your fitness goals

Protein: 44

Fats: 2

Carbs: 30

Kcal: 560

Calorie Smart

Perfectly portioned meals with around 500 calories or less per serving

Protein: 30

Carbs: 35

Fats: 20

Kcal: 440


Low carb, high protein& fat nutritious meals for long-lasting energy

Protein: 39

Carbs: 15

Fat: 41

Kcal: 581


A variety of chef-prepared meals with balanced, whole food ingredients for better perfomance

Protein: 35

Carbs: 50

Fats: 25

Kcal: 565