Frequently Asked Questions

What meal plans do we have?

Currently we have the following meal plans:

  • Keto - each meal is high in protein and fats, while low in carbs. This diet provides you with long-lasting energy.
  • Calorie Smart - every meal has less than 450 kalories, while having a balanced ratio of protein, carbs and veggies to make you feel full, which is ideal for weight loss.
  • Protein Plus - all meals have at least 40g of protein. The variety of fish, beef and chicken provides you with all essesntial amino acids. This plan is perfect for gaining muscle mass.
  • Perfomance - this meal plan fits everyone whos goal is to maintain their weight and have a balanced, healthy nutrition and be on peak of their daily perfomance.

Which meals will be in my menu?

Our meal selection changes every week based on availability of fresh ingedients. 

Our weekly menu consists of 9 and more unique dishes for all our meal plans. 

In case you have a food preferences, our team will gladly deliver meals for your taste.

What if i have food allergy?

We take allergens and the health of our clients very seriously. During order confirmation call, we ask if you have any food allergens or ingredients that you dont want to have in your meal.

We monitor the cooking process to ensure food safety of our clients.

How do i heat the meals?

All our meals are delivered fresh and read-to-eat in a microwave friendly container. Here are the options to heat your meals:

A) Remove the lid and place container in microwave for 1.5 - 2 minutes

B) Trasfer the food into metal container or tray and put in oven

C) Transfer the food on a pan and turn on medium heat

How long do the meals last?

Meals are cooked and chilled right before being delivered. Our recomendation is to consume them in no longer than 48 hours after delivery.

Every meal has a "best by" date on the label, please make sure you follow this suggestion.

How often is food delivered?

The delivery is carried out every 2 days with the following cycles:

A) Monday, Wednesday, Friday

B) Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday

Meals are delivered from 10:00 to 15:00 by our delivery service. During the confirmation call you must select a two-hour interval (for example, from 10:00 to 12:00 or from 11:00 to 13:00), during which the courier will deliver the order.

How soon can i get the meals after i placed my order?

If you place order before 12 AM on a business day, your first delivery will take place the next business day.

If you place order after 12 AM on a business day, your first delivery will take place after 2 business days.

Orders placed on Saturdays and Sundays will be delivered on Tuesday.

How can i pay for my meals?

Currently we accept the following payments:

  • Cash on Delivery
  • Card on Delivery
  • Card to Card during order confirmation (customers get 5% discount when then pay via this method)

Please note that for Cash and Card payments we do require the full sum to be paid on your first delivery day.

How many meals can i order?

Currently our plans include 7, 14, 21 and 28 meals per week.

Can i get refund on my plan?

In case you have changed your mind you can apply for a refund if you paid via Card to Card method only during first 12 hours after we have confirmed your order. Afterwards refunds are not provided.

Processing a refund might take up to one working week.

What if i have issue with my order?

Please contact our support team via Whatsapp or phone call and we will help you!

Where do we deliver?

Currently we deliver to the following regions of Baku:

  • Sabail
  • Nasimi
  • Yasamal
  • Narimanov